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                  Petrochemical Project

                  TAW series safety-increased brushless synchronous motor is our high-tech product with explosion-proof technology, electronic technology, automatic control technology, electrical technology. They are widely used in the reciprocating compressors in the place of petroleum, chemicals, fertilizer, refrigeration and other explosive gas industries.




                  Sinopec Group China National Petroleum Corporation
                  Gunai Heavy Industry (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. Juhua Group Corporation
                  Shanxi Tianze Coal Chemical Group Co Ltd Luxi Group CO.,Ltd.
                  Shanxi Lubao Coking Group Co Ltd Zhenhai Oil Refinery CO., Ltd
                  Lanzhou Oil Refinery Co.,Ltd Xinjiang Tuha Oil Field Daqing Oil Field
                  Xinjiang Tuha Oil Field Liaohe Oil Field
                  Shengli Oil Field Weifang, Shandong Province Health Built Machinery Co.,Ltd.
                  Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd.  


                  Application range

                  Driven machine Motor type Power range( kW )
                  Compressor TK、TAW、YA 200-1000
                  Catalytic cracking main fan YKK 5000-20000
                  Crushing Equipment YKK 200-1000
                  Mixing,Separating equipment YKK、YRKK 200-1000
                  Oilfield water injection pump YK 800-6000
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